History of BSA

BIPOC Streamer Awards was developed in February 2022 when founder, Victoria White, recognized there was a need to highlight streamers who were often overlooked. After watching other award shows who did not celebrate the talented BIPOC streamers in the space, BIPOC Streamer Awards was born. The tag line of, “Go Where You are Celebrated, not Tolerated” was perfect for this new award show. This line has always rung true for people of color, and it was time for a streamer award show to be developed to uplift streamers and give them their flowers now.

Ms. White asked her friend Jenn Mac to assist her in standing up the award show in less than a two-week period. The website was launched in March 2022 and nominations were open by April 2022. The voting period saw close to two thousand votes cast. The first annual award show was held in June 2022. The show brought together various streamers and content creators in one amazing place. It was a safe space to celebrate with streamers being honored to receive their award and for many it was their first award. There were tears, there were laughs, and there was fun.

BIPOC Streamer Awards set a precedent and will continue to have a safe space to celebrate BIPOC Streamers who deserve their flowers now.