Frequently Asked Questions: 

    The goal was to highlight content creators and streamers that are often overlooked. The founders saw that streamers of color were not receiving the much needed recognition that they deserve. 

Who can be nominated? 
    Any streamer can be nominated. The streamer does not have to be part of the monetization programs on streaming platforms and is not required to have a certain number of followers/subscribers unless otherwise specified. The streamer does have to fit the criteria for the category.

When are nominations?
    Nominations start on March 1st and run until March 31st. Check the nominations tab on that date to nominate your favorite streamer.
When is voting for semi-finalists?  
    Voting for semi-finalists will start on May 6th and run until May 24th. Nominees must have at least 20 nominations to make it to the semi-finals.

When is voting for finals?  
    Voting for finals will start on June 17th and run until July 5th. Top 15 semi-finalists will make it to the finals.

When is the award show?
    The show is on August 3rd and will be streamed on the BIPOC Streamer Awards channel. Stay tuned for details. 

How does voting work?
    Your vote will count for 75% or 100% of choosing the winner. A judging panel will only step in to assist with the voting to ensure that it does not become a popularity contest and avoid any fraudulent voting. 

Where can I find graphics for the Awards?
Here is your link - https://bit.ly/3Fkn6um

How do I become a partner or sponsor for this amazing event?
    Just shoot us an email at contactbsawards@gmail.com

What are the socials for BSA?
    You can find us here - https://linktr.ee/bipocstreamerawards