About Us


Victoria White, Founder 

Victoria White is the owner of Fangirl Review LLC. The place for all things geek. She enjoys sharing her knowledge of fiber arts and gaming and is always happy to help others. Ms. White has a Masters of Arts in Behavioral Science and works in the Mental Health field as well as teaches Psychology at a local college. Ms. White started Fangirl Review in 2013 and continues to work hard to grow her brand and work with others in the field of entertainment and gaming. Fangirl Review has received press credentials from Baltimore Comic Con, New York Comic Con, and Anime Next. Ms. White’s goal is to bring content that makes people smile.

Jenn Mac, Director

Jenn Mac is a Korean Scottish American Content Creator, Talent Manager, and Business Developer in the gaming industry. Born with a controller in her hand, Jenn has spent her life supporting others, in management and leadership positions and was delighted when Vikki asked her to help build this amazing event. For more opportunities to support BIPOC creators, feel free to connect with her on the socials!

Debbie_Snacks, Community Manager

Debbie_Snacks is originally from Des Moines, Iowa but has been living in Houston, Tx since she was 19 and soon will be residing in the DMV area.  Though she’s new on the scene she strives to show just because you’re disabled you can still game and do the things you love to do, and that having a rare hereditary condition (Familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP) won’t stop her from living life to the fullest and being an advocate for it helped her build the confidence to start her streaming career. She’s a Twitch Affiliate, Content Creator, and lover of Astrology. When she is gaming in her community ‘The Toxic Factory’ she wants people in all ways of life to feel welcomed and be unapologetically themselves because even though it’s toxic here she keeps it deliciously toxic as only a Snack can do. 

All_Dat_Jasz, Assistant Community Manager

All_Dat_Jasz is the founder of BPP Gaming, LLC, Twitch and Kick Affiliate as well as a Ubisoft Content Creator. During the daytime Jasz works for the public using her Master in Public health as a Quality Control Support Specialist. However, at night Jasz uses her time to dive deep into gaming on Twitch, Kick and Youtube. She has a passion for empowering women in the gaming space and providing a safe space for all women and non-binary individuals of color.

MikeCity, Host

Blerd, Graphic Designer, DJ, Artist, Host, Poet, there isn’t many things that MikeCity doesn’t do. Born and raised in Brooklyn NY MikeCity has a degree in graphic design and another in audio production & engineering. He’s worked with industry artist like Dwele, Musiq Soulchild, Keith Middleton among others.  In 2020 in the midst of a pandemic, he started a company named Living Legends Custom Designs with his partner Shelby and they specialize in custom works for business start ups, gamers, streamers and collectors. 

DontBGelas, Producer

DontBGelas is a variety streamer on Twitch with a love for indie, simulation, and adventure games. When she's not solving puzzles and causing chaos on her stream, she is likely working on her true passion, event planning. Gelas loves using her creativity to develop events, at the production and execution level, whether those be simple birthday parties or large special events. By day, you can find Gelas managing large scale programs for various businesses as part of a consulting firm.

FreshPrince_Zuko, Assistant Producer

Zuko is a streamer on Twitch with a love for action and RPG's. When they are not streaming, I can be found doing photography or video editing. By day I can be found working as a full time engineer working on apps or websites!

Primetime Matt, Head Moderator

Prime was born, raised & still reside in Washington D.C.  He is a Twitch Affiliated variety streamer,  Promoter, VOD Editor, Content Creator & a father of two beautiful girls. Primetime_matt is sponsored by Dubby Jitterless Energy & is partnered with multiple gaming studios that consist of Epic Games, Ubisoft, Tiktok Gaming, Splitgate & UFC 4