2024 Categories

You talked, we listened.

Here are the new categories for the 2024 awards.

Big Fish in a Little Pond Award - Numbers aren’t everything. People are everything. The nominated streamer should have 2k followers or less. Those followers think this streamer is awesome enough to come back and watch. Nominate your favorite streamer that is destined for great things.

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone Award (Mod of the Year)– Take this sword, prepare the ban hammer, and time them out. This award is for our amazing Mods. Mods take time out of their life to uplift, support, and protect their streamer. They deserve all our accolades for being our own #fanbully!

Hands and Hearts Streamer Award - Streaming is so much more than video games. This category is for crafters, artists, and anyone else that works with their hands to create beautiful pieces on their platform. Nominate your favorite makers!

Music Is Life Award - This award is for the amazing DJs and music creators that keep us singing and dancing. You do an amazing job creating and/or mixing music and deserve this award.

ChatterBox Award - This award is for an epic Podcast, TTRPG, and/or Talk Show streamer. You kept us engaged with your witty discussion topics and roleplaying. We appreciate you for it.

Community First Award -  This award is to highlight the streamer that has built up a strong and welcoming community. Our communities keep us motivated and work to uplift each other. The community often names themselves something fun and unique. (ie. The Classroom)

Shooters gotta Shoot Award - This streamer loves to shoot (does not necessarily have to be amazing at it). The games can be first person, third person, multiplayer, etc.

Spidey Sense Award - This is the streamer that embraces the Horror genre. This streamer dives into the games that most of us would just yeet ourselves right out of playing.

Indies Rule the World Award - This streamer focuses mainly on Indie games and is strong in highlighting the amazing games that may be overlooked but deserve our respect.

Not all Heroes Wear Capes Award - Streamers who use their platforms to raise visibility for the queer community, and/or educate others on what is happening in the queer community. 

Cosplayer of the Year Award - This award is to highlight the streamer who takes the time to create amazing cosplay for us to enjoy and be amazed at. 

Playoffs!?! Award - Streamer who plays sports games and/or does commentary for sporting events. 

My Body is a Temple Award - Make-up, Tattoo Artists, Nail Art, Hair stylist, clothing designer, Fitness Enthusiast etc.- Body might be a temple but no one says we can’t decorate it a little. Streamers who have fun decorating our bodies with make-up, to nail-art, and everything in between. 

Streamer of the Year Award - Too many platforms and no limits to where you can stream. This award is to celebrate a streamer on any platform.